52 Week Photography Challenge


52 Week Photography Challenge 2016

Week 1—Self Portrait

I did it! I completed the 2016 52–Week Photography Challenge, and I’m now participating in the 2017 advanced challenge! I hope that you will enjoy my photographs as much as I enjoyed (and am enjoying) the ride!

My inspiration from the 1958 movie “Teacher’s Pet,” starring Clark Gable and Doris Day:

“You refuse to trust your own intelligence. You’re confusing education with schooling. Education is the acquisition of knowledge. The definition of knowledge is knowing, familiarity gained by experience. Wisdom is defined as the possession of experience and knowledge. Being experienced, you, therefore, have education, you have knowledge, and you have wisdom.—You’re brilliant!”


Every year, my New Year’s resolution is not to make one. This year, I’m making an exception; my New Year’s resolution in 2016 is to post a new photo for the 52 Week Photography Challenge every Friday here on Introspective Pics.

Although I am a procrastinating perfectionist (who is also introspective), I promise to do my very best to post a new contest photo every Friday for the next year.

I invite everyone to take this visual journey with me. Browse around and take a glimpse, gaze, or take your time and peruse the entire site. Stay as long as you’d like . . . what you’ll see is the world through the lens of my camera and the perception of my mind.

Each and every photo in this blog represents a moment in time—a moment in my life, they are “Introspective Pics.” Some photos are bright and vibrant while others veer toward the obscure and subdued—but they are all mine.

Thanks for visiting, I hope you’ll be back. ~DebW07

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